Community Involvement

At Revel Dancewear, one of our priorities is community. We take pride in volunteering and connecting with groups which represent causes that are near and dear to our hearts.


Chloe Hiller

Revel Dancewear not only inspires others through their clothing, they support the community through giving. Earlier this year I hosted an empowering event for girls and women and was so grateful to have Revel Dancewear swag in the gift bags. They definitely stand behind their message of empowerment and encouragement!

Arizona Pay It Forward Project

Revel Dancewear is a clothing company that aims to inspire and build confidence. They do this through their products and also through their contributions to the community. For several years Revel Dancewear has participated in Sharing is Caring, our volunteer event that supports homeless teens of UMOM New Day centers. They have inspired teens to express themselves through dance by putting together mini classes and performing for the teens. They have sponsored gifts and prizes for the teens encouraging them to participate in various activities. Revel Dancewear’s support is such an important part of Sharing is Caring. Their mission aligns with the goals of the Sharing is Caring event by ensuring the teens feel motivated to be their best selves.

Thank you Revel Dancewear for your continued support.

Arizona Pay It Forward Project