Inspiration Chart


Here at Revel Dancewear we do not believe in conventional sizes. We decided to take it up a notch by creating an inspiration chart. We've selected artists and dancers that inspire and motivate us daily.

 Charli (Medium)

We created a poll asking our community for their favorite curvy dancers and Charli’s friends came through in full force. Charli's friends proved that she is an excellent instructor, dancer, and friend.  Charli is an inspiration because she has family and friends that support her goals and dreams.

 Kannon  (Large)

Kannon is also Zyannia’s mentor. Kannon has helped her with properly executing her hits and encouraging diversity in her moves. He has shared tips with Zyannia and taught her the importance of establishing eye contact in battles. Kannon is an inspiration because he is multi-talented entrepreneur and dancer. He is a visual artist and has a few films under his belt. He is also an illustrator, emerging rapper, and established dancer. Kannon’s talents have allowed him to travel the world and battle some of the best dancers within the United States and abroad. Kannon is a member of the renown dance crew, Furious Styles Crew.

 Amanda  (Extra Large)

Amanda is a teen dancer, model, and actress that has been dancing since she was little. She is an inspiration because she is passionate about everything she does and works hard to break stereotypes. Amanda's social media campaign #breakingthestereotypes is an example of her commitment to change the discussions around curvy dancers. Amanda is an inspiration because she never lets anyone or thing get in her way.  Amanda has been supportive of our community and movement since day one. 

 Allison (2X)

Allison is the first dancer with curves to break into the main stage and to dance with the likes of Janet Jackson and Wiz Khalifa. We were first introduced to Allison when we attended Janet Jackson’s concert in Phoenix.  Allison is such an inspiration because she continues to work hard and proves that shape or size does not stop you from achieving your dreams.

Jenzi (3X)

Jenzi is a viral sensation, choreographer, movement coach and dance instructor. Jenzi has been dancing since he was a kid. Jenzi is an inspiration because he encourages dancers of every size to be confident with their moves. He also encourages dancers to come as they are, leave it (circumstances) on the floor and just dance.  The level of positive energy he shares with his class and clients are hard to duplicate.

Phillip (4X)

Phillip is a multi-talented choreographer, actor, dance instructor, model, body positivity, and mental health activist. He openly shares his experiences to encourage others in and outside of LGBTQ community. He has also started his own project titled The Positive Vibes Project.  Phillip is an inspiration because he has not allowed any of his experiences to determine his future. His past is actually the fuel that keeps him moving to improve himself and use his experiences as encouragement for others.  To quote Phillip, “dance saved me” which is inspiration in itself.