Revel Dancewear, LLC was born out of the basic need to find and create clothes that fit a dancer with curves. As the mother of a curvy dancer, it was extremely hard finding dancewear that fit my daughter. We visited local dancewear boutiques with no success. It eventually led us to shopping in the men's section at JCPennys to find clothes for my daughter to wear. The final straw occurred when LaToya attended a dance recital at Zyannia's school. All of the curvy dancers were in clothes that didn't fit. The poor young ladies were wearing tops that were too short and leggings that gave them a muffin top. During this recital, the spark behind Revel Dancewear was created. LaToya approached her daughter with a plan to launch a dancewear line that catered to her and dancers like her. During those initial conversations, Revel Dancewear was born. We knew that we wanted to celebrate curves, hence the name Revel. We also wanted to embrace and encourage every dancer or aspiring dancer with curves. To align with our vision, we created a community for curvy dancers, aspiring dancers, and anyone that supports curvy dancers. The Facebook community is a safe place to voice concerns within the dance community, network, collaborate and support each other. This community was named Created For All Curves by Revel Dancewear, a Facebook community where size acceptance and body positivity is flowing through the veins of the community. Our goal is to promote our CFAC Community, and Revel Dancewear in a manner that our brand will be recognized in our community as a movement that has changed the conversation regarding curvy dancers and fashion.